Quality Management

Atrium Consulting d.o.o. is a leading service provider in the field of property and facility management, technical maintenance, infrastructural services, energy efficiency and sustainable building services. Atrium is committed to provide quality services and in accordance with highest industry standards.

Our company is certified with an Integrated Quality Management System (IMS), which is set up in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We are committing ourselves to significantly improve the quality and the efficiency of the organization.

The Integrated Quality Management System policy in Atrium Consulting d.o.o. is based on the following elements that represent the basic orientation of the company:

  • fulfillment of all standards, laws and regulations in the process of providing services that are the subject of activity of our company;
  • continuous improvement of all business processes, in compliance with the requirements and expectations of customers and other stakeholders, as well as permanent checks and an increase of the level of their satisfaction;
  • providing professional development and training of employees;
  • development of partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors;
  • identification of all environmental aspects and potential risks to the safety and health at work and placing it under the control of significant;
  • promoting of environmental awareness of employees and work in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • systematic undertaking of the implementation of measures in order to prevent and reduce situations that would have a negative impact on the environment and health and safety at work;
  • We determine quality objectives, have provided to monitor, measure and evaluate critical parameters and processes in order to ensure the quality of products / services, environmental protection and safety of employees.

The continuous improvement of our Integrated Quality Management System is based on the active involvement and support of all employees and our management.