Property Management

Professional property management provides multiple benefits to both building owners and tenants alike. Atrium’s property managers operate on a landlord’s behalf by assuming the burden of technical and organisational responsibilities, thereby enabling clients to devote more time to developing their core business activities.

The success of Atrium’s property management team is based on its ability to work with clients in order to ease the running of their real estate and ensure the sustainable development of assets through communication and clear property management mandates.

From owner representation to building maintenance and rent management, Atrium’s property managers are equipped to handle various duties:

  • Accepting rent and controlling Lease Agreement obligations throughout the lease term
  • Managing accounts and finance of the real estate property
  • Responding to and addressing maintenance issues
  • Participating in or initiating litigation with tenants, contractors and insurance agencies
  • Providing a buffer for landlords seeking to distance themselves from their tenant constituency