Energy Management Services

Atrium’s professional consultants specialize in energy efficiency improvements. We offer energy services as an Energy Service Provider Company, including the supply and installation of energy-efficient equipment, implementation of energy-efficiency projects, building refurbishment and maintenance.

Our range of services is constantly expanding and we are growing into an Energy Service Company (ESCO). We are developing the service which can finance, or assist in arranging financing for the operation of energy systems by providing savings guarantees. Our service starts by performing an analysis of the property, designing an energy efficient solution, installation of the required elements, and maintaining the system to ensure energy savings during the payback period. The success of the project is the responsibility of our company and our provision is at the same level as the achievement in energy savings resulting from the project.

 Atrium’s services are aimed at achieving a minimum energy consumption with higher level of comfort and efficiency. Smart and innovative energy solutions significantly reduce operating costs and utility bills over the building’s life-cycle, enhance real estate value, reduce the impact on the environment, cost per unit on services and manufactured goods…

Whether managing and programming the building’s systems, preventive maintenance or green savings, our experienced facility management professionals deliver solutions that both improve a building’s operational performance and maintain its sustainability goals.


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