Cleaning Services

We are offering tailored solutions to suit your cleaning needs perfectly. Our services include regular and special cleaning of offices, retail premises, warehouses and manufacturing sites. 

The cleaning personnel are trained to perform tasks professionally and without disturbances, while all services are based on the latest cleaning methods, using eco-friendly and certified chemicals exclusively. 

Atrium Consulting specialises in real estate management, including all infrastructural services. All our services are covered by professional indemnity insurance.  

Why to choose Cleaning Services?

  • Experienced, dedicated & trained professionals
  • Latest, modern and effective cleaning equipment
  • All cleaning chemicals included in the price; optional inclusion of consumables
  • Documented service – work orders and reports delivered following execution of services
  • Insured service – Atrium Consulting holds professional indemnity insurance
  • Optimised services – additional discounts for combinations with Technical Maintenance services