About Us

atrium provides active management and integrated resources to maintain and enhance the value of clients’ real estate assets. We are specialized in managing commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping centers and industrial facilities. Our professional and interdisciplinary management team accompanies all processes around the property and ensures a systematic and timely completion.

From retail and hospitality to commercial and public sectors, atrium provides services to many customers located across Central & South-East Europe. Utilizing either on-site teams or remotely managed service providers, our support solutions deliver relevant, appropriate and value for money services to our customers.

We listen carefully, think creatively and work transparently. We add value to each of our projects, but also to our clients’ business as a whole.

Simply, everything you need.

Our standards are amongst the highest in the industry. We create reliable workspace.

We aim to provide continuing satisfaction for our clients. From technical maintenance to security reception and cleaning, our facility management is organized to provide the reliable setting for uninterrupted and pleasant business operations.

Although on duty at all times, our facility management service and staff are as invisible as possible. All routines and interventions are aimed to smoothly answer to clients’ expectations of excellence and varied daily needs.

The protection of worth and efficiency of any quality property needs to address diverse indispensable issues: commercial administration of buildings; energy management; cost optimization and transparency; safety and security; infrastructural services (e.g. cleaning of interior and exterior); key management; monitoring of condition of properties; notification and reporting… And everything on-time.